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FreeBoardGames.org is a FOSS publishing platform for boardgame.io games. The idea is to foster a community of game developers that can create board games as a hobby, benefiting everyone by doing it together. Developers get more users and less infrastructure overhead compared to doing games on their own. Dozens of developers have contributed to the project and the website has reached over 30,000 monthly active users.


boardgame.io is a FOSS library for streamlining the creation of board games. It provides tools for easily coding game rules, and functionalities like easily setting up multiplayer connections. I am a mantainer for this project.


This is my personal page to share the latest tech I am learning and the current projects I have been working on. I am always learning something new and I want to share what I have learned with others with the hope that it will benefit someone someday. The code for the website is also open source.